Hello. I am Mira (she/her).

I made this website to archive everything I have in hopes that they will be here for a long long time, even after I have stopped uploading in the future, for all current and future ARMYs/SONEs!

I coded this website from the ground up, both the design (front-end) and logic/database (back-end) were done by myself. Please excuse any flaws as I am an amateur programmer/web developer.

Even though I cannot afford everything, I will try my best to share whatever I am able to purchase. Even with this shortcoming, I hope you will still be able to find one or two (or more) of the contents you need here :)

I promise to keep the website running for as long as I can afford the technical (bug fixing, updates), financial (hosting + domain costs) and content (buying + ripping DVDs!) maintenance.

I genuinely hope you are healthy and happy, physically and emotionally - always and in all ways. Take care ♡

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