About me

Hello, I am Mira (she/her).

I have been following


since 피 땀 눈물 (2016) and

Girls' Generation

since 훗 (2010).

I listen to a lot of groups and artists in general, regardless of generation, company, gender and genre.
Kpop is pretty diverse and I am here to have a good time!

ps: my profile photo is one of my favourite pokemons, Mew ^^


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About dwellingsouls.com

This website is intended to archive everything on BTS that I have in hopes that they will be here for a long long time, even after I have stopped uploading in the future. So many content especially older ones gets lost, or are hard to find in good quality over the years. Therefore, I decided to start my own collection with all 1080p contents, even the older ones!

I used to upload on Youtube/Tumblr between 2019-2020. After I had my accounts taken down multiple times, I decided to make this website. This website started in July 2020 shortly after my Youtube channel got suspended again. This website was built from scratch so that I have full control of everything and I am able to implement my own password system to keep it safe. This website runs on Python, HTML, CSS and some javascript (if you are interested🤓).

I am still in the process of slowly completing the archive. Older releases are pretty expensive so I'm working on it at my own pace. Even though I cannot afford everything, I will try my best to share whatever I am able to find and purchase. I hope you will still be able to find some of the contents you need here and enjoy it in 1080p.

As long as people use the archive responsibly and are respectful of my work, I promise to keep the website running for as long as I can afford the technical (bug fixing, updates), financial (hosting + domain costs) and content (buying + ripping DVDs) maintenance.

Stay safe and take care ♡