Frequently Asked Questions

○ Thanks for checking this page first before sending me repetitive questions on twt/curious cat.
○ Feel free to search for a relevant keyword in the search box below! (i.e. password).

~ password ~

"What is the password to unzip files?"
- Refer to my pinned tweet
"What is the password to view downloads?"
- Please view the hint first.
- If you are really unsure, try searching on Google for related keywords.
- It should not be too complicated, a little search would do it!

~ content use ~

"Can I use your files for edits?"
- Short clips, edits, GIFs are OK. Do not crop/cover watermark!
"Can I re-host/re-upload/re-stream your files?"
- No. Please respect my hardwork to rip, process and collect money for all these contents.
- Do not re-stream on any website.
- Do not re-upload to any website.
- Do not re-host on any website.
- Do not claim as your own.
- Please share the website/my twitter if you need to share any file.
- These files are only for personal viewing and edits (GIFs + short clips only).
"Can I use your files to sub to a different language?"
- OK. Do not crop/cover watermark!
"How do I credit if I use files from the website?"
- Simply writing dwellingsouls or tagging my account in the description/reply is fine.
- I do not really care if you refuse to credit me, just do not claim as your own or cover watermark.
- But if you do credit me, I appreciate it so much more than you know ( •.•)⊃✿

~ how to play videos ~

"Why is the video/audio unplayable?"
- Please use VLC/MPC HC/Pot Player.
- I always check my files on either one of these three media players to make sure they are ok before I upload them.
"Why does the subtitle display incorrectly/only one word is displayed sometimes?"
- So far this issue is only observed in VLC player.
- For Windows OS, I recommend using MPC-HC as I also test out my .srt subs using this player before I upload them.
- For Mac OS, try using Elmedia Player (free version).
- After downloading Elmedia Player, in the preferences panel, under subtitles > autoload > autoload subtitles dropdown > click all subs in directory

note: thanks to Anon on Curious Cat for sharing this workaround for Macbook users!
"Why can't I play the video on Mega/Gdrive?"
- Most of the files are now zipped, you need to download it first and then unzip.

~ requests ~

"Will you upload In The Soop/Bon Voyage/*any weverse or vlive content*?"
- In short, not anytime soon.
- My priority is DVDs as most of them are already out of print/no longer in sale.
- Newer armys could never access/buy these out-of-print DVDs even if they wanted to, so that is why I would rather upload DVDs first.
- Content on Vlive/Weverse will always be available for purchase. I can always buy and upload them later.
- Newer armys could also buy these contents since they are available forever but the same is not true for DVDs.
"When are you uploading *new dvd release* ...?/Will you upload *new dvd release* ...?"
- If I haven't uploaded it, it simply means it hasn't reached me or I'm in the middle of processing them.
- I always upload as soon as I can, asking me won't make it available any sooner ㅠㅠ
- If anything, it just stresses me out so please help understand and think twice before asking.
"Will you stream ...?"
- If I stream and quality is good, I will upload.
- Just assume I am not streaming to put it simply because I don't usually stream everything.
"Can you upload to Mediafire/MEGA/OneDrive/etc. ?"
- I am already struggling trying to maintain my Gdrive + MEGA files.
- Please help find a workaround if you really need to download using other sites, I am already trying my best to put up content.
"Can you add/upload subtitles?"
- If I did not share subs, it simply means the DVD does not come with subs.
- I dont do subbing for any content that does not come with subs.
- For Weverse/Vlive content, I dont have plans to upload .srt files separately for now.
- Please dont request for it.

~ youtube ~

"Where is your youtube channel?"
- Both dwellingsouls and dwellingmews (backup) channels have been suspended.
- I dont have plans to restart youtube for now.
- Thanks for understanding.

~ how to download ~

"Why are the gdrive/mega links missing?"
- Try to use incognito mode or use a different browser.
"How to report dead links?"
- If it says file is no longer available/need permission on gdrive/mega , please report to me using twt/curious cat.
"I am having trouble downloading the files from the links"
**for some mobile devices the steps may be different. if it does not work on your mobile, please use desktop for convenience.

1. Click on the name of the file you want to download on this site.
2. If you do not see the page in Image (a) below, skip to step 3. Else, click on "Click here to continue". If there are any popups/new window appearing, close them and stay on this page. Keep clicking "Click here to continue" until you reach the page in Image (b) in step 3.

Image (a)

3. Once you see this page, click on the "Skip Ad" button. It should redirect you straight to the gdrive/mega file link.

Image (b)

4. Please do not share the Adfly/Gdrive links elsewhere as it puts me at risk of being reported which will mean I can no longer share content :( Thank you for respecting this request of mine ♡
"Why do you use adfly? Please share direct links."
1) Link Masking
- I avoid sharing direct links as it makes it easier for people to share the link around + tracked by B/H.
- This will put my gdrive at risk of being reported and shut down.
- Please please please do not share my adfly/gdrive links elsewhere :(
2) Link Shortening
- A lot of free link shortening services have dead links after a couple of months of inactivity.
- Adfly has good link longevity for a free service.
"Do you make money out of Adfly?"
- Yes, I make ~ $1 per 2000 clicks.
- I do not keep the revenue. They all go to my website hosting + annual domain fees.
- You can search up the rough estimation for hosting a website and buying a domain to understand the costs I bear to keep this website running.
- This website will be here for as long as I can support the financial and technical maintenance.
- If I stop uploading someday, I hope this site is still alive from your clicks so you can always come back here to find what you need :)
"How To Bypass Gdrive Quota/Number of Allowed Playbacks Exceeded Issue?"
note: this is a Google Drive issue, please understand I don't have control over this problem, I am simply sharing some workarounds.

Try method 1 > 2 > 3 in order and see which one works for you.

Method 1 (Make a Copy):
1. View the gdrive file you want to download.
2. Navigate to "Shared with me" tab on the left.
3. Find the file and right click on it. Select "Make a copy"
4. Navigate to "My Drive" on the left. The file should be available as "Copy of [filename]".

Method 2 (Add Shortcut to Folder):
1. Create a folder in "My Drive". The name of the folder doesn't matter.
2. Go to the gdrive file you want to download.
3. Right click on the file and select "Add a shortcut to Drive"

4. Go to "My Drive". Move the shortcut into the folder you created.
5. Right click on the folder and select "Download"

note: Thanks Kimmy for sharing this workaround!

Method 3 (Download Multiple Files (takes time)):
1. Select on at least two files. Right click and click Download.

2. The download time will be slightly longer than usual as it will need to zip the files first.
3. The two files do not need to be two video files. It could be a small file (an .srt subtitle file or .jpg preview file) to shorten zip + download time.
4. The larger the total size of the files you zip, the longer it takes to complete download - keep this in mind!