Frequently Asked Questions


What is the password for the archive?
- Password changes everyday.
- Please view the hint first by clicking on "Click to view hint" if you cannot figure out the password.
- It should not be too complicated, a quick search on Youtube should be enough!
What is the password to unzip downloaded files?
- Unzip pw: yeontandwellings
What is the password for the OneDrive link?
- Onedrive pw: bamdwellings

File Use

Can I use your files for edits?
- Short clips, compilations, edits, GIFs are OK.
- Do not reupload full videos on any platform.
Can I re-host/re-upload/re-stream your files?
- No. Do not restream/reupload/rehost contents from this website outside.
- Do not claim as your own (e.g. replacing my watermark, putting my links/files on your own archive)
- Please share the website or my twitter if you need to share any file from the archive.
Can I use your files to sub to a different language?
- OK.
How do I credit if I use files from the website?
- Simply writing dwellingsouls or tagging my account in the description/reply is fine.
- It is okay if you refuse to credit me, just do not claim as your own or deliberately cover or crop out the watermark.
- But if you do credit me, I appreciate it so much more than you know ♡

How to Play Downloaded Videos

Which media player should I use?
For Windows OS
- I recommend MPC-HC as it has no issue displaying the .srt subs and plays almost any video format.
For Mac OS
- Try Elmedia Player (free version) - thanks to Anon on Curious Cat for the suggestion!
- After downloading Elmedia Player, in the preferences panel, under subtitles > autoload > autoload subtitles dropdown > click all subs in directory
- Feel free to drop any other suggestions if you have any as I do not have any Mac OS devices to help test it out.
Why does the subtitle display incorrectly/only one word is displayed sometimes?
Issue Description
- This issue is due to the characters '<' and '>' in soft sub (.srt) files.
- A lot of media players ignore the text enclosed within '<' and '>' as they are usually used for formatting.
- This does not happen with dvd subs as they are in a different format (in hardcoded .sub/.idx img format)
Option 1: Use a different media player. I highly recommend MPC-HC for Windows OS.
Option 2: Clean the sub file manually - replace '<' and '>' using Notepad/Notepad++ (a bit tedious). Option 3: Clean the sub file using srt-cleaner.
How to unzip the .zip file?
- I recommend using 7zip

Report Error

How to report errors?
You may report them through my Twitter, Tellonym, or Curious Cat following the guidelines below when possible.
Make sure the issue has not been covered in the Help/FAQ page - I will ignore whatever that has been addressed.

(1) Be specific with the link used to access the file (onedrive/gdrive)
(2) Be specific with the filename (disc number, 1080p/720p, part, etc.)
(3) Be specific with the error (requires permission, file has been deleted/moved, etc.)
(4) Screenshots are very welcomed if possible! (be sure to still describe the issue if it's not obvious)

Example 1 - Access & Permission Issue:
"The Google Drive(1) link for BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop DVD Disc 6 1080p(2) requires permission to access(3)"
Example 2 - Dead Link:
"The Mega(1) link for BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting Vol.5 (Magic Shop) TBS 720p(2) leads to an empty folder(3)"
Example 3 - Wrong Link:
"The Google Drive(1) link for BTS Season Greetings 2018 1080p(2) leads to the 720p file instead of the 1080p file(3)"
Example 4 - Missing Subtitles (when available):
"The Stream/Watch Online(1) file for BTS MEMORIES OF 2016 part 8/16(2) is missing the subtitles(3)"
I am just human and I will definitely make mistakes here and there. Please help report them if you spot any ><
Following the guidelines above will help me tremendously in checking and fixing the error, thank you!